Hey Tigers, as you can see we got a new website! The goal of this new site is to enable everyone to add things to the site since this was a bit difficult in the past. Oh and don’t worry about your data from the old site, everything has moved with us, including your account.


The main goal for this new site was to allow all members to add content to the site. The old site was not build with this in mind and since it had other aging issues as well i decided to build a new site with the database of the old one. In short, see it as a remake of a sort.

When you are logged in you now see a dashboard button in the menu bar. Here you can get a glance at the latest site activity and add own news posts and images to the site. This function will be expanded upon in the future with for example video’s.

With this the website will no longer just function as a form or a place people can find information about us but also as a place where we as guild members can share info with eachother in a more detailed way then we can in Discord.

Design and Discord

Like you can see i also redesigned the whole site with a more strawberry like color. This color does fit our guild better then the gold en red colors from the old site and it also has a good contrast with the dark background. I also updated our logo a bit to match the rest of the site.

Last but not least, Blackwidow has made some improvements to our discord server with a more clear view of channels and some new sounds in the soundboard that will drive people crazy in no time!