Website 2.0

By Pharven / July 30, 2023 / Comments Off on Website 2.0

Hey Tigers, as you can see we got a new website! The goal of this new site is to enable everyone to add things to the site since this was a bit difficult in the past. Oh and don’t worry about your data from the old site, everything has moved with us, including your account.

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dungeon meeting stone

Make your M+ dungeons easier

By Draenerys / January 20, 2023 /

Here are some helpful addons, WeakAuras and guides that will make your M+ easier and more successful. If you have any questions about these, please ask me online and I’ll be happy to help you out (when I’m not in the middle of a M+ run ???? ). Weakauras Interrupt tracker Shows the available interrupts…

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2021: Year review

By Pharven / December 31, 2021 /

A year review of 2021 for our guild. This year we pushed futher into the shadowlands but also lost a dear friend…

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Thanks Coco and Elrondir

By Blackwidow / September 20, 2021 / Comments Off on Thanks Coco and Elrondir

Both Coconutpete and Elrondir have decided to relinquish their officer rank. I personally think this is a shame but of course we have to respect this choice. I want to thank you both for everything you have done for the guild over the years.

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Restricted content

By Blackwidow / June 18, 2021 / Comments Off on Restricted content
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Allied races that we need

By Pharven / January 17, 2021 /

We did get a lot of allied races in Battle for Azeroth. But some allied races that we want are still not playable. Lets make a list shall we…

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The best spam of 2020

By Pharven / December 22, 2020 /

Since this website went live i received all kind of strange mails from people that think we are a profit company or warnings about the end of the world. Here are the mails that i found must funny to look at!

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Election 2020

Guild Master Election 2020

By Pharven / November 6, 2020 /

Votes have been counted! Who will be the guild master for the next 4 years?

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Login Page

New Website

By Pharven / April 15, 2020 / Comments Off on New Website

Welcome everyone to our new website! Let me give you a quick tour.

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Gnomerun 2019

Gnomerun 2019

By Pharven / January 7, 2019 / Comments Off on Gnomerun 2019

Here is the video for the Gnomerun from 2019

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Gnomerun 2018

By Pharven / January 5, 2018 / Comments Off on Gnomerun 2018
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Blackrock Mountain

Gnomerun 2017

By Pharven / January 29, 2017 / Comments Off on Gnomerun 2017
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