With Mists of Pandaria Remix live for a few weeks i figured out a way to level up very fast. So here i will tell you what to do at what level to get to level 70 as fast as possible. Below is the short version and an explanation below that.

Level 10 – 24

The first 14 levels you can’t do raids yet so you will que for dungeons and do quests while in the que. Dungeons give good XP because every boss drops a token that gives a huge amount of XP.

Level 25 – 39

At level 25 the first raid (Mogu’shan Vault) unlocks. Each boss on LFR drops a permanent 7% XP increase for your character and normal even gives a 12% increase per boss. Since the LFR que can be long and normal being just as easy i would advise to clear the raid on normal through premade groups. The raid reset is daily so make so to do this any day you can. If you have done that you should go back to doing dungeons and do some quests while you wait.

Level 40 – 70

By the time you reach level 40 you will have unlocked 2 more raids. Just like the first one do these on normal. After a day or 2 you should have more then 100% XP increase on that character. At some point you also unlock Throne of Thunder and Siege of Ogrimmar. Those 2 raids are slower then the first 3 so make sure that you do these after the first 3 raids. Throne and Siege do have more bosses so they give more XP increase in total. If you did all that you can just do some quests. Because of the strange power scaling i would not advise to do dungeons at this point.

Level 70+

Once you hit 70 the power scaling stops but you still get stat increases. If you just continue to do raids and complete the 3 dailys for Scenario’s, Dungeons and Raids you will get very OP in the end.

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