Happy 2023 everyone! With Dragonflight just out and Blizzard already said we get 6 patches in 2023 it seems like we have a bright time ahead.

Taking a look back

The guy that ruined the year

We started 2022 in Sunwell Plateau, well at least a 5 man guild group including myself. But for most of us the WOW year kicked off with patch 9.2 that brought us Zereth Mort…..that zone that is hard to write down and a new raid.

Later in the summer we got season 4 that included some old dungeons for Mythic+ and fated raids. But i think you all agree that there was one dungeon that ruined that entire season.

But the year ended well with Dragonflight. And it seems like a good expansion. We get things to do in the world instead of it being a lobby for Mythics, raids and PVP.

Last but not least we have seen some old friends return to the game and welcomed some new friends. All of you veterans, welcome back! And a big welcome to our new friends that joined the guild in 2022. Happy 2023 everyone!