The Weekly loot system in Shadowlands is getting a big update! This is what we know so far and in my opinion it looks promising because it will eliminate the random loot problem and motivates players to do more content.

Not only Mythic and PVP weekly loot in Shadowlands

Unlike the system in Battle for Azeroth and Legion, the weekly loot in Shadowlands will now also be available to raiders. The quality of the item wil likely scale for the difficulty the raid you did was. PVP and Mythic item quality will likely be the same is it is right now.

One item, more choices

You will still get one item each week no matter how much content you do. But why do all the trouble then? Well that’s because the more things you do the more options you get. Because you will no longer get a random item anymore but you can choose. And the more dungeons raids or PVP you do the more options you get. This means if you do 1 mythic 10 dungeon you will get a random mythic 10 reward. But if you do 5 mythic 10’s you will get 2 options choose from. And if none of these items is what you need you can swap them for a relevant currency. What this currency will be is yet unknown.

I think that this system will motivate people to do more dungeons and raids instead of just doing 1 high level mythic+ each week. And it also helps that you no longer have a chance that you get a worthless item that you can sell for 50 gold. So the more you do the higher chance you have for a good item but you don’t have to worry that you fall behind if you do only 1 or 2 dungeons.

Weekly Loot
The Weekly loot UI

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  1. Elrondir Elrondir on August 2, 2020 at 22:03

    That sounds really good indeed! No more Blackwidow crying at the weekly chest – just that makes it worthwile 😛