Here is a list of things that will help you level trough the new continent:

Repair Mount

A repair mount does what it says. You can always repair broken gear and sell items. There are a few mounts with repair in the game like the one from Dalaran (20.000 gold) and the one from Kun lai Sumit (120.000 gold).

Water walking (for none DK’s and Shammy’s)

While you have dragonriding for most of the leveling it might come in handy for the first part or dungeons to be able to walk over water. If you are exalted with the angler faction in pandaria you can buy mount equipment there. If you are not exalted no worries, you can buy mount equipment for water walking on the AH too.

Clean up your bag and bank

Nothing is more anoying as a full inventory every few minutes. So try to get some 34 slot bags and make sure you have at least 100 bag space left.