With the 100% bonus XP, The Midsummer Festival active and Timewalking Dungeons it has never been easier to level a new toon. In less then a month you can have a new character max level without playing the whole day!

What should i level?

Thats all up to you of coarse. What i did myself was leveling classes i hadn’t played before. I also combined those classes with a allied race so i can get those nice looking heritage armor sets. And if you want to level even faster you should pick a class that can heal or tank. That will help you get much quicker to level 80 but more about that later. Also don’t forged to buy Heirlooms and upgrade them to at least level 110.

How should i level?

The fastest way to level is this:

Level 1-58

The fastest way here is doing as much dungeons as you can. Each dungeon gives roughly 2 levels. Playing as a Tank or Healer gives you faster que times so that can speed things up as well. If you don’t want to do dungeons go to low level zones like westfall, Darkshore, Dun Morogh and those kind of zones. These zones are made for players that have no mount so if you have one you should be faster then was intended in those zones.

Level 58-80

Avoid Outlands at all cost if you want this to be done quickly. Best thing to do is doing TBC Dungeons. You can also que for Lich King dungeons but they are longer then the TBC ones and gives the same amount XP. If you do decide to level through quests then go to Northrend.

Level 80-90

From this point the normal dungeons are slower then questing. You can however do Timewalking Dungeons because they still go faster then questing. But if they are not up the best thing to do is go to Pandaria. Zones like Jade Forest and Valley of the four Winds are pretty quick and should be enough to get you to 90.

Level 90-98

At level 90 you get the Dreanor Intro Questline in Tanaan Jungle. This questline gives you 2 levels so don’t skip it. After that just unlock your Garrison and do Shadowmoon Valley until you reach level 96. At level 96 go to Spires of Arrak. There you can build an Inn at your outpost that gives you bonus XP in that zone.

Level 98-110

At level 98 you can go to Legion. You better skip the Intro and go right to Dalaran. There you should unlock your Artifact and then go Questing in Val’Sharah or Highmountain. Also keep an eye out for legion invasions because they give you 3 levels for each invasion.

Level 110-120

Here you don’t have much choice but to quest trough at least 2 zones. What is important to know is that the War Campaign quests give more XP then the regular ones so if you have a war campaign quest do them before the normal ones. One thing you should know is that if Timewalking is up you can get 1,3 levels per Dungeon. And also the faction assaults can help you a little but not as much as the Legion Assaults did.


If you have flying questing will go a lot faster. If you have unlocked Dreanor, Legion and BFA flying you can fly in those expansions right from the start. Also once you reach level 70 consider buying the faster flying skill. It will cost some gold but it is worth it. And it will be cheaper if you have a good reputation with the trainers faction. So tip here. Buy the Stormwind tabard at level 15 and wear them in the dungeons and buy your flying skills in Stormwind.