Votes have been counted! Who will be the guild master for the next 4 years?

Blackwidow won

Blackwidow won the election with 100% of the votes and will remain guild master. In a reaction he said…

I will thank everyone who voted for me and i will also like to thank my running mate Pol. Together we wil keep this guild strong!

Blackwidow will continue to get equal rights for Mythic+ people and Raiders.

Henk lost

Henk is not so pleased with the results. He said…

This is a fraud! I did win the election but Blackwidow magically got all the votes. And i will not let this happen and will go to court and fight the results! I will make Gnomeregan great again!

What we voted for


  • More equality between officers and GM
  • Equal rights for Raids and M+
  • Build a wall around Gnomeregan
  • More money for Yakku’s race changes
  • No more gnomes in the guild


  • Make Gnomeregan great again
  • Gnomes should have all the power
  • Padaboem should become the only officer
  • Guild Repairs should come back