New Website

Grrs everyone,
Like you can see we got a new website. Because it has been build on the database of the old site all our things are still in place and your account does still work like it used to. The reason for making a new site is beacuse the old site was not used much and i understand why, there was not much to do there and there were only a few people who could make news posts. So i wanted a website where everyone could add stuff so the site would be usefull again. To do this required a lot of change to the site itself and i dicided that is was easier to create a whole new site build atop of the old one.

If i am rebuilding the site then why not restyle it in the procces? I have been thinking about what is a style that is both clean, modern but also had a persenal touch of the guild to it. Because of that i decided to use a strawberry like color as our main collor going forward. It is eyecatching and clear to read. The rest of the colors are the same as the old website. I also added more animations to the site to make it more clear what an element does.

Everyone can now make posts and upload pictures to the site. To get started head to the dashboard page once you are logged in and you get a view of the latest site activity and options to create posts and upload images. You can try it out yourself or head to the guide page. The guide page can also be founded on the dashboard.

While most changes to the forum are only visualy there is one big change and that is the structure of the forum. You will not notice this directly but it should make the forum more clear to navigate in. I also added some extra security to the forum.

This are the main new features of the new website. What do you think of them and are there any features you would like to see being added to the site?
Kind regards,