The UI (User Interface) of World of Warcraft is a bit dated. Especially when you use a 4k screen. While many UI addons fix this they also change the whole layout so that all you buttons are in another place. This can be confusing. Here is a guide how i have my UI with different Addons.


First lets take a look at the addons you need. I use all of these addons to create a UI that works best for me. That means making it more modern and cleaner but at the same time keep to original layout. This are the Addons you need:


Dominos allows you to change the layout of the UI. While we try to keep as close to the original as possible there are some things that we will change. Another reason for this addon is that we need it for some other addons.

Dominos Quest

This addon for Dominos allows us to move the quest frame.


Masque is an addon that can change the visual style of certain UI elements. Masque also has skins that you can download. I always use the CleanUI skin.


We need bagnon to get a clear view of our inventory. This is also needed since we will remove the bag bar from the default UI. This makes our screen cleaner. With this addon we can do everything with our bags that we want just use the B hotkey to open them. If you want your currency shown you can download the Bagnon Currencies Addon.


Glass is a simple addon that cleans up the Chat UI.

Setup Dominos

Dominos allows us to drag and drop UI elements. To start this click the Dominos icon at the minimap and you can drag the elements around. In the screenshot below you can see my set up.

I played the XP bar at the bottom and made it full width. The actionbars (Actionbar 1 & 6) are place above that in the center. At the bottom left is the chat and the bottom right the menu. I have hidden the bag bar. You can do this by shift-right clicking a UI element. At the right of the screen i placed Actionbar 3 vertical and the quest UI next to it. All other Actionbars i have hidden and placed on top eachother to keep it out of my way.


To set up masque go to the Interface Settings > Addons > Masque

  1. Now click load Settings
  2. Go to skin and select the skin you want to use


For the Bagnon settings go to Interface Settings > Addons > Bagnon. Here just play with the setting and make it how you like it. I do recommend using back break to keep a bit track of your backs.


Now that all is setup you are good to go. Give it a try and play a bit with the setting. If you login on a Alt you can go to the Addon settings in the Interface settings menu and copy the profile of your other character’s class. Hope this will work out.