We can now test the Shadowlands pre-patch on the PTR. Aside from a look at the new character customization and te level squish we also get a look at the pre-patch event. You might want to make sure you have a ranged Character…

Character Customization.

The new Character customization gives us a lot more options then we have today. For example you can now select your eye color separate from your face and the same thing with facial hair. New hairstyles and Skin Colors are also being added. And the new Interface is present as well. Druids will now also be able to change their shapeshift forms at the barber and Worgen’s can change their human for separately from their worgen form.

Level Squish

I will be shorter on this one because i already wrote about this a few months ago. But the first time you log in on your max-level character you will notice that you are now level 50. Also in the PTR, you can test the new leveling experience and the new Starting zone. The new starting zone looks more modern then for example Mulgore.

Pre-patch Event

Do you remember the Wrath Of The Lich King pre patch event? With all those zombies? Well they are back. Thousand of zombies are swarming the world with almost no save place. One of the only save places seems to be the garrison from Dreanor. You will also get a questline and some dailies like we got in the BFA pre-patch.