After more than 2 years of Battle for Azeroth we can now go into the Shadowlands and fight our way to level 60!

Shadowlands is now Live!

Shadowlands will be a expansion focused on the afterlives. After Sylvanas Windrunner destroyed the Helmet of the Lich King (Helm of Domination) the veil between live and death was destroyed. Turns out that the so called “Jailer” had been working with Sylvanas since Arthas was killed back in Wrath of the Lich King. And that the current Lich King Bolvar was not the Lich King that the Jailer had in mind. After the veil was broken Sylvanas abducted key leaders of both factions like Thrall Jaina and Anduin. To save our world we must go to Icecrown Citadel and go into the realm of death itself and stop the Jailer.


  • Bastion is a kingdom of crystalline spires and pristine skies, ruled by the Kyrian covenant. Souls drawn to service are sent to Bastion by The Arbiter, where they examine their life’s deeds and work towards a state of virtue, letting go of their life burdens and seeking ascendance.
  • Maldraxxus is the heart of the military might of the Shadowlands, ruled by the Necrolord covenant. Although it is home to wicked beings such as abominations and necromancers, not all beings of Maldraxxus are evil, they are simply battle-hardened. Souls fueled by war who never yield and thrive in a survival of the fittest environment are sent here by The Arbiter and welcomed by the Necrolords.
  • Ardenweald is an enchanted forest ruled by the Night Fae covenant. Serving as a dark mirror to Azeroth’s Emerald Dream, Ardenweald is a place that focuses on rest, hibernation, and eventual rebirth of the soul. Souls deeply attuned to nature are sent here by The Arbiter, where they prepare for rejuvenation and rebirth.
  • Revendreth is a land of dark secrets and gothic spires, ruled by the Venthyr covenant. Souls that are prideful or flawed in life are sent here by The Arbiter to atone for their sins and seek redemption through torment inflicted by the vampiric Venthyr.
  • The Maw is the endgame zone of the Shadowlands, a swirling vortex composed of the vilest souls sent to the Shadowlands and ruled by none other than the Jailer himself. The Arbiter only sends to The Maw souls that are considered to be irredeemable and a threat to the Shadowlands if left free. No one has ever escaped The Maw, and those that went to explore the vortex were never heard of again. The Maw is also home to Torghast the replayable endgame instanced feature.

Our new Capital City: Oribos

Oribosis the arrival point for all souls in the Shadowlands, where they will be judged by The Arbiter, a being that determines where souls will spend their afterlives. Oribos serves as a nexus between the various domains of the Shadowlands and is a gathering point for power brokers, wheelers, dealers, and soul-traders. This will be the new Boralus/Dalaran of Shadowlands.



A new ingame feature for Shadowlands. Covenants will be like Order Halls from Legion but instead of being stuck with the one from you class you can now choose one of 4.

  • Kyrian: governs over souls that served a life of service, offering them a chance to look over their past deeds and seek ascension to become a Kyrian themselves.
  • Venthyr: take over souls that were flawed or prideful in life, but can still obtain redemption. The Venthyr punish those who lived a life of sin, determining whether they are worthy of redemption in the Shadowlands.
  • Necrolords: governs over battle-hardened souls and rewards strength, while weaker souls become fuel for Maldraxxus’ cosmic weapons. Those who are deemed determined, quickly rise to positions of power.
  • Night Fae: accepts those with a deep connection to nature, using of the Anima in the Shadowlands to infuse slumbering spirits with the knowledge of old, and preparing them for rebirth.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Torghast is a tower located in the heart of The Maw. Hosting the most vile souls to ever arrive in the Shadowlands, Torghast is a procedurally-generated, 1 to 5 person, scalable dungeon that becomes harder and harder as players progress. A bit like we saw in visions. Due to its procedurally generated nature, you never know what you will find in Torghast, with levels and enemies changing every time you ascend the mysterious tower. Unlike previous challenge modes such as Mythic+, Torghast is not a timed event, allowing players to explore the tower at their own pace and obtain further rewards.

There are many more things to explore in the Shadowlands. Only time will tell what we will find in the afterlives…