With Liz Truss stepping down as Prime Minister of the UK people wonder if there is anyone left to lead Great Britain, but there is one man who can lead them through this difficult time.


Polinczki might be the best leader for the UK at this time. We saw him take over the role of Raid Leader mid expansion and led our guild to glorious victories, so he would be a good Prime Minister for the UK. He can lead the country to glory and even raid other countries if the need arises.

But the question is what would change to the UK if Polinczki became its leader. Here are some changes you can expect:

  • People shorter then 1,50 meters will once again be accepted.
  • There will be an annual running contest for people below 1,50 meters that can reward them with a left-shark.
  • Ireland will be raided for crafting materials.
  • Brexit will be undone when the EU agrees that the EU should be called the Alliance from now on.

So while it seems bleak for the country at this moment, better times might be coming if Polinczki decides to take up the job of Prime Minister.

Image Credit: Zlassy (r/WoW)

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  1. Polinczki Polinczki on December 1, 2022 at 16:20

    Really … really ?! Lol !

    This point : “Brexit will be undone …..”

    Hell yeah, without a doubt, first thing on the agenda… POS garbage ruling….

    “….and led our guild to glorious victories… ”
    *cough* bring more healers *cough*

    Tried and tested since 2006 !