Sometimes people in the guild talk about people that most of us don’t know. So i did some digging on the Internet and here is a list of some of these people.

Gerri Eickhof

Gerri reporting at a train station

Nationality: Dutch
Profession: Reporter

Gerri Eickhof is a dutch journalist in their national news channel NOS. Eickhof is send to all kind of places around the Netherlands to report. He is most known for his voice and the way he moves when talking. He moves his head all the time when he talks and never holds it still.

John Dillermand

John doing his thing

Nationality: Danish
Profession: Fictional Character

John is a fictional child TV character. There has been some commotion about the series since its is about John who has a large ehm.. thingy. He can do many things with it but there are people who say that this is not appropriate for Children.

Geer and Goor

Gordon (Goor) left, Gerard (Geer) right

Nationality: Dutch
Profession: Singers

Geer and Goor are 2 dutch singers and also make television. Geer has a very interesting way of laughing because it sounds like a car that won’t start. Goor’s laugh sounds a but like the male pandaren. The two are very wrong in many ways but that is maybe what also make them funny sometimes.

Gert Verhulst

Gert Verhulst with K3

Nationality: Belgium
Profession: Actor/manager

Gert Verhulst is a well known man in Belgium. He makes a large amount of TV shows for Kids with his company Studio 100 (Studio 100 in English). His most known role is that of Gert in Samsom and Gert where he lives with a talking dog who sounds like he smoked for over 40 years. Gert also has had a relation with all 3 girls of the girl band K3 but that is not something the kids know of


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