Blizzard has updated the way a character is leveling from level 1 to max level in Shadowlands. What does this mean?

In the pre-patch for Shadowlands the leveling system in World of Warcraft will be revamped. First the max level is back to level 60 and all your level 120 characters will be level 50 when the pre-patch goes live.

Level 1-10

A new starting zone for the first ten levels has been added. This will be a more modern starting experience on a island near Stormheim. All races start here but if you prefer the older starting zones like Teldrassil or Dun Morogh you can also choose to start there. The new starting zone will also be a tutorial for new players.

Level 10-50

This is where thing get interesting. Instead of leveling all older expansions you can choose one of them before you go to the Shadowlands (50-60). For example you can start on the new Starting Island then do Battle for Azeroth and then go to Shadowlands. This way leveling will take less time. Although it will be strange to be in Stormsong Valley when you are level 10.

Level 50- 60

The last ten levels will be in the Shadowlands. The first time you go there you will have to follow a certain order of zones like Warlords of Dreanor had. When you go there with an ALT you can choose the order of the zones. Also ALTS are able to do World Quests at level 50 when your main has unlocked them. Alt leveling will be less of a choir with those changes to leveling.