Do you want a nice Bee Mount? Here’s how you get it.

How to get started?

You need 3 requirements:

  • You must be alliance
  • You must be level 120
  • You must have the Bumbles pet (earned by doing 7 days a daily quest; see WOWhead for more info) or the Seabreeze Bumblebee (Go to storm wake rep. vendor and buy this pet for 250 polished Pet Charms)

To get started take your 120 character to Mildenhall Meadery Flightpad in Stormsong Valley.

Find the Hive

Now summon your Bumbles pet or Seabreeze Bumblebee and take him to Barry (He’s covered bij bee’s and he’s close to the water). he will tell you to follow the green clouds. Follow the green clouds and around 62,26 you’ll find the hive.

When you approach the hive you will see Barry again and also a big angry Bee. Now turn around and walk to 63,28. There you will see you first thin jelly. Only at this spot you can find the first jelly. Bring the thin jelly to the big Bee.

Offer the thin jelly to the big Bee (The Hive Mother) and then talk to Barry. Now you can enter the hive. Give the jelly to the Goo-Bee on your left in the hive. This will give you the first rep for the ‘Honeyback Hive’. You’re now official started.

Pay attention for 2 reputations

You must fill now 2 reputations bars to get the Bee Mount. The Goo-Bee has it’s own friendship (Nascent Harvester) and with your own reputations you must get ‘Honeyback Hive‘ exalted. The source you need to fill up the reputations bats is ‘jelly’. If you gather jellies you can give them to the Goo-Bee for rep.

You have 3 kind of jellies:

  • thin jelly – 5 friendship points for Nascent Harvester) and 20 rep for Honeyback Hive.
  • rich jelly – 20 friendship points for Nascent Harvester) and 80 rep for Honeyback Hive.
  • royal jelly – 40 friendship points for Nascent Harvester) and 160 rep for Honeyback Hive.

You can trade the jellies by the Hive mother to get better ones.

How do you get your jellies?

There are some ways to earn your jellies:

  1. Look for jelly deposit nodes in Stormsong Valley. once when you’re revered with ‘Honeyback Hive’ you can buy Beeholder’s Goggles from Barry. That will cost 20ricj jelly, but you will see then the nodes easier in the landscape. I recommend to use it.
  2. Look for Bee-events. You will fight some waves of Bee-attackers to protect a friendly bee. At the end of the fight you can loot jellies. Do this always in a group. In general chat often people call out a bee event and give the coördinates. Ask for an invite to join the group. You can also use groupfinder for this. You only can loot the jellies 1 time every hour.
  3. Defeat ‘The Honey Smasher’ (You can do this 1 time each day for jellies for 500 rep.). If he’s up it will be around the coördinates 62,17.
  4. Go to the auction house and buy the jellies. However in the time I did this questline the jellie swere very expensive, so it might be better just to do the steps 1,2 and 3. Also here find first a group. Tip: Jellies aren’t soulbound, so you can earn them as well with your 120 alt(s) and send them to your main.

The final part

Finally you need to raise your Goo-Bee through 3 friendship levels to mature and bring the Honeyback Hive reputation to exalted. When that’s done you will get a short easy questline. Then you’ll have you Bee Mount. Congratulations.