We don’t know the new Shadowlands release date yet but we do know it is not October 27th. But some of you already planned a “vacation” on that date. Here are some tips to get a day off on the new release date.

How to talk your boss into delaying your vacation

First of all make sure you don’t have your boss or any other people you work with in your Battle Net friend list.

Red Covid Zone

Area’s that are safe can become dangerous really quick duo to Covid-19. About a week before October 27th you can go to your boss and tell him that the area you were going is now a red covid zone. Then you tell him that you are planning a new vacation but that you don’t know the date yet.

You are sick

This is the easiest option by far. Just tell your boss you are sick a few days before Shadowlands goes live. Just make sure it is not Corona related otherwise you might have to do a test.


Kids can also be useful in these situations. You can tell your boss that you have to go to your child’s school or bring him/her somewhere.


Just quit your job. It might gives you a lot of problems afterward but at least you can play Shadowlands for as long as you want.

Lost Keys

You can call your boss on the release date that you have locked the doors of your house but lost the key and are trapped inside.

Play on Work

If you do work with computers and you are alone you might be able to play some WOW at work.