Happy new year everyone! Lets take a look back at last year and what has yet to come…

A look back at 2020

2020 was a rough year for many of us. But while we do had a hard year we also got some nice things!


A pandemic made out lives a lot harder. We all have to keep distance from each other to limit the infection spread. While other people locked themselves up in a save place. So to Blizzard i say: No more zombie pre-patch events!

New Members

Early 2020 the guild decided to get some new blood in the guild and change the structure and ranks. While some of the older members got a higher rank we also added some new people to our family. And we are still happy with that choice because it gave us a lot of new friends.


Our old website was getting out of date. So we needed a new one. For me (Pharven) it has been a labor of love to make this new website. It was a learning experience and i am glad that everything went well. I will keep the website up to date and maybe add some new things if needed. You may have seen that i did a lot of updates on the website in 2020 but that is now over since everything is now in place.

Patch 8.3

Lets not talk about this.


After 2+ years of Battle for Azeroth we were ready for something new. Shadowlands looks like a good expansion and i for one look forward for the next year in that regard.


And last but not least we got Henk! Henk is a gnome that has gained a large amount of fame in a short time. He even tried to become guild leader but he lost because of a leak that he in fact was an Alt.

What is coming in 2021?

2021 will give us new content. Some of us we already know but Blizzard has also some secrets that we do not yet know about.

Patch 9.1

Early 2021 we will get our first patch. We do not know anything about it so far but looking at past expansions we will likely see a new raid but no new zone.

Patch 9.2

Later this year we will get patch 9.2 that will be larger than 9.1 and will give us at least one new zone. What this zone will be we do not know but maybe Hellheim?


We will also see Yakku changing his race at least 5 more times this year.


  1. Polinczki Polinczki on January 9, 2021 at 11:07

    Henk for GM – make Azeroth great again ! Storm the capitol ! Kick the noob GM !

  2. Pharven Pharven on January 10, 2021 at 10:49

    And invite Poesmagneet (Pussymagnet)