Summer Time

It is summer time and lets make the most of it. Join us on some fun events the coming months!


Why fly when you can jump? This is a new type of event where you have to use the skills of the Demon Hunter to reach locations where you can not fly to.

Join us on July 9th

  • No flying mounts
  • Be a Demon Hunter


Like every year we also do a naked gnomerun. More info about it will come soon.

Join us on September 10th

  • Be a level 1 gnome on aggramar
  • No mounts
  • No Gear and Weapons
  • No portals or flightpaths

Transmog Runs

For people who want to get some transmog out of raids that are too hard to do solo but easy enough to do with a small group.

Join us on July 1th, July 22th and August 5th

  • Be at least level 50


Plan a attack and gather resources. Even now that we are 10 levels higher we do not have 20+ players. Lets get some rare transmog and a lot of fun.

Join us on July 15th and 29th

  • Be level 60