The gnomerun 2020 is over and here is the video and a list of the winners.


Round 1:

  1. Pada
  2. Coco
  3. Blackwidow

Round 2:

  1. Rafferty
  2. Coco
  3. Hawkgrain

Round 3:

  1. Hawkgrain
  2. Coco
  3. Blackwidow

Total Winner:


Best Name:

Blackwidow as Herrflick

All the gnomes:

Blackwidow as Herrflick
Coco as Thingamajig
Elrondir as Daipergnome
Fen as Tinyfen
Hawkgrain as Axezon
Mastabear as Mechadrae
Pada as Padaboomboom
Pol as Imnekidgnome
Rafferty as Raffgetall
Yakku as Thingymayaku


  1. Pharven Pharven on September 28, 2020 at 14:40

    I made this video in 4K resolution so it could take a bit longer for the video the look sharp because it will take time for Youtube to upload it all

  2. Rafferty Rafferty on October 14, 2020 at 20:14

    this video is amazing!!!