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It has been a year since we took a guild photo. For this year i want to make a contest for it. 

What to do

The Website needs a photo of each of the 4 covenants. You can send your image to be down below. The best image for each covenant is going to be on the website.

Later on we will also take a picture of the guild itself like we did last year.

Rules for the photo

  • It must be centered around one of the 4 covenants zones
  • The zone in the background should be visible (no selfie)
  • Your character should be in de photo wearing covenant Transmog
  • UI should be hidden
  • Have a monitor of at least 1920 x 1080 pixels (otherwise the quality will be to low)
  • Send the screenshot before May 10th

Good luck and be creative!






Night Fae




4 responses to “Screenshot Contest”

  1. Draenerys Draenerys says:

    Oooops… this is what you get when you don’t read the instructions upfront. A screenshot with only half the requirements met 😉 Anyhoe, i hope you’ll still enjoy it!

  2. Pharven Pharven says:

    No worries Drae, I will add it to the custom picuters:)

  3. Yakku Yakku says:

    oh my! woo \o/ for the bones!

  4. Yakku Yakku says:

    i wonder what happend to the guy on the floaty.. maybe he should get a honorabele mention?
    those glasses.. so shiny!

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