Summer Time

It is summer time and lets make the most of it. Join us on some fun events the coming months!


Why fly when you can jump? This is a new type of event where you have to use the skills of the Demon Hunter to reach locations where you can not fly to.

Join us on July 9th


Like every year we also do a naked gnomerun. More info about it will come soon.

Join us on September 10th

Transmog Runs

For people who want to get some transmog out of raids that are too hard to do solo but easy enough to do with a small group.

Join us on July 1th, July 22th and August 5th


Plan a attack and gather resources. Even now that we are 10 levels higher we do not have 20+ players. Lets get some rare transmog and a lot of fun.

Join us on July 15th and 29th

More to come….