While we do not know or this is a code name or the real expansion’s name. We do know that it involves dragons. This is not a big suprise since there have been other hinds pointing at dragons the past few months. But this is the first time we got a name. Below here is the code found on the Warcraft site:

Returns true if the ProductID is found or false if not.

function testProductById() {
    var listOfProductIds = [
    // WoW Dragonflight Base prepurch
    // WoW Dragonflight Heroic prepurch
    // WoW Dragonflight Epic prepurch
    // WoW Dragonflight Upgrade from Base to Heroic

    // WoW Dragonflight Upgrade from Base to Epic

    // WoW Dragonflight Upgrade from Heroic to Epic

It is only about 2 weeks left until Blizzard wil reveal the next expansion so we will soon know more. But do remember that back before Shadowlands was announced we also got the title leaked ahead of the reveal. So Dragonflight might be the real name.