We are happy you want to join our guild! We are always looking for new guildmembers! Go to the ingame guild finder system and make an application there and give us the recruitment information we need. For example why you want to join us and what kind of a person you are. 

Recruitment Process

  1. Make an application in game.
  2. If the Application is accepted you can register a Account with the name your ingame character has.
  3. Once you have been confirmed you can use the member website features like the forum.

What we need to know about you

  • Character Name
  • Your Realm
  • Times you are online(Just a part of the day is fine)
  • What do you like to see in a guild

Requirements for Recruitment

  • Alliance Character
  • Europe Server
  • You speak English
  • Able to handle Gnome jokes

Want to know more about us? Check out the About us Page