The next expansion has been revealed. Called Dragonflight.

  • New Race – Dracthyr
  • New Class – Evoker
    • Dracthyr can only be Evokers and Evokers can only be Dracthyr
    • 2 Specializations – Healer and Ranged DPS
    • Hero Class – Starts at 58 with new starter zone
    • Wears Mail Armor
  • Dragonriding
    • New skill to ride a dragon that can be leveled up over time
    • Defy gravity while using your momentum and skills
    • Dragon customizations include snout, horns, tails, armor, and more
  • Talent Tree Revamp
  • UI Overhaul
  • Profession Transmog
  • The Dragon Isles – 4 leveling zones, 1 starter zone
  • Level 70 is the new level cap


I will post the rest of the features shortly,