Hello, we are the Strawberry Tigers. We’re an old guild, founded back in the early start of vanilla. As with many old guilds, members have come and gone, and some have grown older and more mature with the guild. We’re looking for people like ourselves: We call ourselves casual, but we still raid in a serious, progression oriented manner. Further we love to do mythic+ runs and we do sometimes PvP, heroics, achievements, pet battles, transmog runs, costume contests, naked gnome runs etc.


Our goal as a guild is having fun with eachother. There will be no goal or quota you need to fulfil.


Faction: Alliance
Server: Europe
Realm: Agrammer or Hellscream
Language: English

How to join

If you are interested in joining, try to contact one of our officers (Blackwidow, Yakku, Polinczki, Caieta, Pharven and Draenerys) in-game. Wisper something about who you are and what you like to find in a guild. Our officer will discuss this with other officers that are online at that moment and once they agreed you get an invite. This is not some kind of hardcore selection or anything so don’t worry.