Welcome everyone to our new website! Let me give you a quick tour.

The Website

This website has been build on the WordPress Engine. I created a custom theme for it so we could have all the features we need and add more in the future. If you are a Camerosa or higher you will see another bar above the Main menu. This is the WordPress bar. Here you can add Posts and Events.


This page is a post. You can use it to tell your other guildmates something that is more an announcement then a discussion. All posts will appear on the main page. There you will see a quick glance of the post and a link to it


Events can be all sorts of activities. This includes Raids and Dungeons but also Gnomeruns and other guild activities.


The forum is nothing new. The layout may be different but the core remains the same. You see all the forums depending on your guild rank.


You can change your account by going to the account page in the bottom bar of the website. Here you can change your login data.


The profile page can be seen by all guild members. You can add a banner and a profile picture to personalize you profile.

Please let me know if you have something you like to see on the website and i will look into it.